New rules of publication

The editorial team of the Technical Transactions wishes to inform that as of 1 January 2017, the Technical Transactions is no longer published by divisions into series, as was the case so far with individual faculties.


Furthermore, the editorial team of the Technical Transactions wishes to inform that due to the new form of publication and layout only articles written in Word format are accepted, containing specific elements, and formatted according to the instructions on the website of the Journal.

Articles submitted in other programs or in pdf format shall not be accepted.

As of 1 January 2018, the Technical Transactions will published on Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence.


Fee for the publication of the article

We inform that according to the Ordinance 9 of the Rector of Cracow University of Technology, from 1st February, 2017, the cost of publishing an article in the Technnical Transactions is 100 euro.

Volume: 6
Year: 2018


Krystian Banet, Ewelina Stypułkowska

Adapting cracow’s Stare Debniki area to the mobility needs of sight-impaired people

Damian Poklewski-Koziełł

In search of a healthy balance on the example of the New District of Seestadt Aspern in Vienna

Liudmyla Ruban

Principles of architectural and landscape design of water areas


Karolina Kula, Agnieszka Łapczuk-Krygier

Diazafluorene in 1,3-dipolar cycloaddiction reactions: short review

Civil Engineering

Evgen Aleshinskiy, Vitalii Naumov, Oksana Pestremenko-Skripka

The modelling of technological processes at border transfer stations in Ukraine

Krystian Birr

Mode choice modelling for urban areas

Mariusz Dudek, Katarzyna Solecka, Matthias Richter

A multi-criteria appraisal of the selection of means of urban passenger transport using the Electre and AHP methods

Bożena Hoła, Tomasz Nowobilski, Jarosław Rudy, Krzysztof Czarnocki

An analysis of the influence of selected factors on the accident rate in the construction industry

Piotr Sawicki, Szymon Fierek

The impact of long-term travel demand changes on mixed decision problems of mass transit lines construction and vehicles’ depots location

Anna Sołtys, Józef Pyra, Michał Twardosz

Control of the vibration structure induced during works with the use of explosives

Electrical Engineering

Andrzej Bień, Edward Layer

Active power measurement based on digital processing of voltage and current signals

Krzysztof Tomczyk, Marek Sieja

Relationship between the absolute error and parameter values of voltage output accelerometer


Tomasz Dębiński

Estimation of the localisation and geometric parameters of the semi-solid zone of steel samples

Halszka Skórska, Jerzy Sładek

A simulation study of the graphical user interface of the head-up display and its influence on the driver’s perception

Grzegorz Kaczor, Maciej Szkoda

The application of a simulation method in the evaluation of the reliability of transport systems