New rules of publication

The editorial team of the Technical Transactions wishes to inform that as of 1 January 2017, the Technical Transactions is no longer published by divisions into series, as was the case so far with individual faculties.


Furthermore, the editorial team of the Technical Transactions wishes to inform that due to the new form of publication and layout only articles written in Word format are accepted, containing specific elements, and formatted according to the instructions on the website of the Journal.

Articles submitted in other programs or in pdf format shall not be accepted.

As of 1 January 2018, the Technical Transactions will published on Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence.


Fee for the publication of the article

We inform that according to the Ordinance 9 of the Rector of Cracow University of Technology, from 1st February, 2017, the cost of publishing an article in the Technnical Transactions is 100 euro.

Volume: 3
Year: 2018

Civil Engineering

Andrzej Flaga, Renata Kłaput, Agnieszka Kocoń

Wind tunnel tests of wind pressure distributions for four different tent halls

Electrical Engineering

Ilona Lagun, Adrian Nakonechnyy, Volodymyr Samotyy

Using fuzzy logic to optimise the selection of mother wavelets

Krzysztof Wójcik, Dariusz Pałka, Olaf Bar

Micro-ontology building – the main variants of the OTO method


Sylwia Piątkowska, Monika Gwadera

The effect of external mass transfer resistance on the adsorption rate in a liquid phase

Justyna Jamróz, Dawid Jankowski

Characteristics of producing ethyl alcohol

Justyna Jamróz, Dawid Jankowski

Project of laboratory rectification column for periodic work


Krystyna Paprzyca

Concept of the development of Oświęcim through an offering of increasing cultural and utilitarian qualities

Tingting Chen, Justyna Kobylarczyk, Michał Krupa, Dominika Kuśnierz-Krupa

The complexity of a small town

Elżbieta Kaczmarska, Małgorzata Kaczmarska

New developments in the Liverpool Waterfront

Environment Engineering

Bożena Babiarz, Alicja Puszkarewicz

Selected causes of exploitation problems caused by secondary contamination of drinking tap water

Jacek Dawidowicz, Andrzej Czapczuk

The reliability of rural water distribution systems in relation to the layout of the pipework within the network

Krzysztof Gaska, Agnieszka Generowicz, Józef Ciuła

A HPC (High Performance Computing) based model for optimisation of the waste management systems in metropolitan regions

Justyna Mazur

Plants as natural anti-dust filters – preliminary research

Tomasz Siuta

The impact of deepening the stilling basin on the characteristics of hydraulic jump

Barbara Tchórzewska-Cieślak

Characterization of risk function in the analysis and assessment of water supply systems safety


Sylwia Łagan, Aneta Liber-Kneć

The determination of mechanical properties of prosthetic liners through experimental and constitutive modelling approaches

Andrzej Skrzyniowski, Andrzej Mruk, Dorota Skrzyniowska

Rotary smart car parking system