New rules of publication

The editorial team of the Technical Transactions wishes to inform that as of 1 January 2017, the Technical Transactions is no longer published by divisions into series, as was the case so far with individual faculties.


Furthermore, the editorial team of the Technical Transactions wishes to inform that due to the new form of publication and layout only articles written in Word format are accepted, containing specific elements, and formatted according to the instructions on the website of the Journal.

Articles submitted in other programs or in pdf format shall not be accepted.

As of 1 January 2018, the Technical Transactions will published on Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence.


Fee for the publication of the article

We inform that according to the Ordinance 9 of the Rector of Cracow University of Technology, from 1st February, 2017, the cost of publishing an article in the Technnical Transactions is 100 euro.

Volume: 5
Year: 2018


Maciej Delnicki

Problems of creating spatial order of building development in post-agricultural areas

Ewa Grabowski

Polish city as perceived by a US grown urban planner

Krzysztof Kafka

Urban Planners in Poland. Practicing the urban planning profession in Poland and other European countries

Wojciech Bobek, Katarzyna Łakomy

Contemporary processes in historical urban greenery areas and the selection of materials – introduction to research

Valeriy Tovbych, Anna Viazovska, Yuriy Kryvoruchko

Place and people: landscape as a basis of development and preservation of cultural identity

Civil Engineering

Magdalena Grudzińska

Greenhouse systems in quasi-stationary and dynamic modelling

Tadeusz Majcherczyk, Katarzyna Kryzia, Zbigniew Niedbalski

The influence of rock mass disturbance on surface subsidence in urban areas

Karol Prałat, Ewa Krymarys

A particle size distribution measurements of selected building materials using laser diffraction method

Electrical Engineering

Volodymyr Samotyy, Sergii Telenyk, Petro Kravets, Volodymyr Shymkovych, Taras Posvistak

A real time control system for balancing a ball on a platform with FPGA parallel implementation

Environment Engineering

Marek Kubala, Jadwiga Królikowska, Dariusz Wawrentowicz

Evaluation of the practicability of the decomposition and equivalent substitution method in the analysis of reliability of the sewage system

Michał Grodecki, Cezary Toś, Marcin Pomierny

Excavation supported by diaphragm walls – inclinometric monitoring and numerical simulations

Fundamental Sciences

Adam Bednarz, Ludwik Byszewski

Continuous dependence of mild solutions on initial nonlocal data, of the nonlocal semilinear functional-differential evolution Cauchy problems of the first and second order


Augustyn Lorenc, Maciej Szkoda, Ewelina Wyraz

Methods of identifying the optimal positioning of different products within a warehouse with regard to minimising the costs associated with order picking