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Guidelines on preparation for publication


Articles (previously entered into the plan of publications) should be delivered in one copy a CD-R.
The article should not be longer than 1 printing sheet.
Note! 1 printing sheet comprises 40,000 graphic characters, i.e. approx. 20–22 pages of typescript or 3,000 cm² of illustration material.
On the first page of the article the following should be specified in the prescribed order:

At the end of the article the following should be specified the list of references.

Please prepare the abstracts in both languages in a way that it could be located on the first page (each abstract should have up to 800 characters).

Please save the text file in .rtf or .doc format. Please do not write papers in .pdf format.


If the illustrative material is going to be delivered by the authors in the electronic form, it should have the following form:
Bit graphics (eg. scans of photographs, all kinds of pictures from digital cameras or collections on CD-R etc.)

Vectorial drawings (marks, logos, diagrams etc.) executed in Corel or Adobe Illustrator programmes

We have the possibility of opening and processing files saved in the following programmes:


Italics should be used for:

Upright type (Roman type) should be used for:

Bold upright type is used to distinguish matrices (e.g. A, I, E), and bold italics are used for vectors.