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General information

Technical Transactions has been published since 1883. Its first editions were issued in Lvov. Since 1946 this editorial tradition has been continued by the Cracow University of Technology.
Technical Transactions  contains scientific articles. Authors are granted 13 points for publication of an article (the uniform list of scientific periodicals and number of points is presented in the bookmark ”Downloads”. Articles may be submitted only by authors emloyed in research institutions.
Since 2013 Technical Transactions has been published entirely in English. Articles written in other languages will not be accepted.
The standard of articles is monitored by the editorial board (names of members are listed in the bookmark “Scientific Council and lists of reviewers”). Each article is sent to be reviewed by two independent critics outside the author’s workplace, one affiliated to a foreign institution.
Editing and proof-reading services are provided by the Section of Technical Transactions of Cracow University of Technology Publishing House consisting of:

Technical Transactions is published in following science areas: Architecture, Automatic Control, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems, Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics and Environment Engineering.